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This Trevor James 'The Horn' tenor saxophone is a second grade instrument. It has been classed as second grade since it has a few small blemishes down the horn. Due to the shiny surface they did not show up in the photos. They can only be seen by looking closely and do not affect the tone of the saxophone which has a versatile and pure tone with excellent clarity.


- Smooth, fluent action to allow students to move around the              instrument with ease.

- Free blowing - supports the player's air flow when playing                    essential for students.

- Thumb rests - plastic upper, metal adjustable lower so your hand     can fit comfortably.

- Blue steel needle springs - allowing for a smoother action.

- Leather pads.

- Metal reflectors - allowing for a clear, brighter response and              easier air flow throughout the instrument.

- Floral engraving on the side of the bell.

- Trevor James plastic mouthpiece - great starter mouthpiece.

- Metal 2 screw ligature - best starter ligature, holding the reed on       tightly to the mouthpiece. Complete with cap.

- Accessories - Reeds, comfortable neck sling, polishing cloth.

- Case - Rectangular padded deluxe case with backpack straps,           side pockets and side strap.


 ***Please note stand is not included***

Trevor James 'The Horn'Second Grade Tenor Saxophone Outfit

SKU: 3830G
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