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Constructed from a high quality ABS resin body with silver plated keys, resulting in an instrument that is easy to play. An ideal high quality student instrument that plays with great tone and good intonation.


The clarinet comes in a lightweight backpack case complete with a mouthiece, reed, cork grease and and a pull through cleaning cloth.


- New single piece thumb register lever with Pisoni anthracite tec-          felt on the underside instead of cork,  stronger and quieter.

- Pisoni tec-felt used under keys previously using cork, quieter action    and more precise venting.

- Pisoni anthracite tec-felt used for upper bridge key and on the              underside of the lower bridge, giving quiet action, durable and              precise regulation and venting.

- Stronger and curved thumb rest on lower section with additional           cork cushion. Curved for ease of movement and corked for more           comfort.

- Single piece Left Hand alternate F#/C# and E/B levers, with nylon         post and hole connection. Stronger keys with quiet and precise             linkages.

- Lowered B/F# touchpiece height with Pisoni tec-felt beneath . Ease    of reach with quiet action and more precise venting height.



Trevor James 57C5 Clarinet Outfit

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