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The Winterleaf TW6CEAVB is an exceptional 12-string acoustic-electric guitar that captivates with its harmonious blend of style, tone, and versatility. With a Grand Auditorium size body shape adorned with a Venetian cutaway, this guitar not only delivers powerful sound but also offers excellent playability and access to the upper frets, making it a versatile choice for musicians seeking both form and function.


The TW6CEAVB’s all-mahogany construction sets it apart, featuring a top, back, and sides made entirely from this tonewood. Mahogany imparts a unique, warm, and rich character to the guitar’s tone, and the all-mahogany build ensures a consistent, well-rounded sound across all 12 strings. It delivers a lush, full-bodied sound that’s perfect for creating the resonant, chiming qualities that 12-string guitars are known for.


The inclusion of the Tanglewood Premium Plus EQ system enhances the TW6CEAVB’s versatility, making it ready for both acoustic and amplified performances. This advanced electronics system provides precise control over bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, allowing you to shape your amplified sound to perfection. Whether you’re performing on stage, recording in the studio, or simply playing at home, the Premium Plus EQ system ensures your 12-string sound is finely-tailored to your preferences.


With its stunning Grand Auditorium body shape and Venetian cutaway, the Winterleaf TW6CEAVB is not only a sonic powerhouse but also an instrument of exceptional visual appeal. Its all-mahogany construction and the Tanglewood Premium Plus EQ system make it a versatile, expressive, and resonant 12-string guitar that’s ready to accompany you on your musical journey. Whether you’re a seasoned 12-string player or a newcomer to this captivating realm of music, the TW6CEAVB is your gateway to a world of lush, harmonically-rich sounds.


Tanglewood TW6-12CE-AVB

SKU: TW6-12
  • SHAPE 12 String Grand Auditorium, Venetian Cutaway
    TOP Mahogany
    BACK Mahogany
    SIDES Mahogany
    FINGERBOARD Eboncore
    BRIDGE Techwood
    NUT WIDTH 43mm
    SCALE LENGTH 650mm
    STRINGS Elixir Nanoweb 12-53
    ELECTRONICS TW Premium Plus
    FINISH Autumn Vintage Burst Gloss
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