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The Sundance Reserve TW47 R E guitar is a remarkable combination of classic craftsmanship and modern amplification technology, designed for discerning musicians who demand a versatile instrument with a tonal character that’s warm, resonant, and full-bodied. With its distinctive Super Folk body shape, this guitar provides both comfort and projection, making it an excellent choice for musicians across various genres and playing styles.

At the core of the TW47 R E is its expertly selected tonewood construction. The guitar boasts a Solid Mahogany top, a tonewood known for its distinctive, warm, and mellow sound. Mahogany offers a balanced tonal spectrum with an emphasis on the midrange, making it a favored choice for those who appreciate rich, full-bodied acoustic tones.

Both the back and sides of this guitar are also crafted from Solid Mahogany, ensuring tonal consistency and a coherent, even response across the entire sonic range. The all-Mahogany construction results in a tonal character that is beautifully warm, with a depth and resonance that make it well-suited for fingerstyle, strumming, or solo performances.

Enhancing the versatility of the TW47 R E is the inclusion of the LR Baggs Stage Pro Element EQ system. This advanced electronics system empowers you to shape your sound precisely, whether you’re performing live, recording in the studio, or playing acoustically. The LR Baggs Stage Pro Element EQ system ensures your guitar’s natural acoustic qualities are faithfully reproduced in an amplified setting, offering a captivating and authentic sonic experience.

The Sundance Reserve TW47 R E guitar represents the perfect harmony between traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. With its Super Folk body shape, all-Mahogany construction, and the addition of the LR Baggs Stage Pro Element EQ system, this instrument delivers both exceptional playability and a versatile tonal palette. Whether you’re a fingerstyle virtuoso, a strummer, or an all-around performer, the TW47 R E is poised to enrich your musical journey, providing a beautifully warm and expressive acoustic experience that can be tailored to your unique musical expression and amplification requirements.

Tanglewood TW47-RE with pod case

£1,199.00 Regular Price
£699.00Sale Price
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