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Dynamic cardioid vocal microphone offering a smooth, natural sound. Fast transient response ensures no details are missed. Low handling noise. 100% metal casing for tough on-stage use.

Sennheiser e935 Dynamic Microphone

SKU: e935
  • Extends Every Voice.

    Its balanced frequency range qualifies the e 935 for songs of every genre. It clearly gives the voice more space and positions it cleanly in front of loud instruments. With a transparent high-end and warm but well defined lower mids, it lends even gentle voices an impressive intensity and size. The vocal track in the band mix can be emphasized much more easily. The e 935 also clearly increases the speech intelligibility. It remains extremely resistant to feedback as well as to the hard conditions of live gigs.



    • Dynamic cardioid microphone

    • Clearly emphasizes voices on loud stages

    • Transparent high-end and warm, defined lower mids

    • Highly consistent directivity

    • High feedback rejection

    • Shock-mounted capsule

    • Hum compensating coil

    • Extremely rugged metal housing



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