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Blackstar HT100 Stage 100 Head


The "HT Venue" Series of amps is the latest great design in Blackstar's line of amps. These medium-priced, medium-powered amps deliver performance that is every bit as pro as their premium Series One line. If you need a little more power than the award-winning HT5, or you're too worried to take your beloved Artisan on the road, the HT Venue series is for you! The perfect solution for the working musician.

As you probably know, Blackstar are famous for being able to create highly versatile tube amps at incredible prices. Most amps in this price range do one thing well, but the HT Venue amps deliver lush cleans, and great British & American drives effortlessly. Just check out the range of tones the Venue series can achieve in the video demo of the Stage 100 below.

If you need a huge-sounding amp that delivers high quality tube tone that will blow your audience away, look no further than the Stage 100 Head. For under £1000 you can have a half stack that covers all you need from the cleanest cleans to biting American Overdrives. Add to this built in reverb and effects loop, and you have a feature packed amp that raises hairs at the perfect price for a gigging musician.

Pre-owned Blackstar HT stage 100

SKU: pxiv301le1756
  • 100 Watt valve head
    Three footswitchable channels
    Enhanced tone controls
    Unique Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
    Clean Voice switch
    Overdrive 1 Voice switch
    Overdrive 2 Voice switch
    Master volume
    Digital reverb with dark/bright switch
    Speaker emulated output with 1x12/4x12 voicing
    Effects loop with effects level switch
    4-way footswitch included