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Quik-N-EZ Adaptor for instant microphone attachment

Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip for one-handed adjustments

HERCULES H Base is weighted for exceptional stability

Hercules MS201B H Base Microphone Stand

SKU: ms201b
  • Height 1020-1680mm (40.2-66.1")
    Weight 4.7kg (10.4lbs)

    The Quik-N-EZ Height Adjustment Grip adjusts the stand up or down to the desired height with smooth one-handed operation. A secure internal locking mechanism prevents slipping.

    The metal HERCULES H Base is weighted for maximum stability and dampens any vibrations that might otherwise be transmitted through the stage or floor.

    Simply push the lever up or down to quickly mount the Quik-N-EZ Adaptor to the mic stand. It can be left attached to the mic clip for speedy setups.

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