The EHX Nano Metal Muff was built for the player who demands nothing less than hard-hitting distortion and an intense, aggressive sound. It’s a combination of weaponized distortion and an extremely powerful EQ section that provides all the flexibility and tone-shaping needed to dial in an array of ultra-heavy sounds.

The Nano Metal Muff’s newly designed noise gate is a superb addition to this high-gain pedal and eliminates unwanted hum when you stop playing. It features a noise floor threshold control (GATE) and its own LED to indicate when the gate is engaged.

A compact footprint and intelligent, straight forward controls complete the picture.

  • Voiced for the heavy metal player
  • Compact, pedalboard friendly footprint
  • Extensive EQ control: Bass +/- 14dB of cut or boost, Mid +/- 15dB and Treble +/- 10dB
  • VOL (volume) sets the pedal’s output volume level
  • DIST adjusts input gain and distortion
  • Noise gate eliminates unwanted noise and includes an LED to indicate when the output signal is muted
  • 9V battery included


Circuit                                    Analog

Bypass                                  Buffered Bypass

Audio                                     Mono

Power Supply                    9V battery included (optional 9.6VDC-                                                               200mA power adapter not included)

Dimensions (in)                 4.5 x 2.75 x 2.1

Current Draw                     24 mA

Year Released                  2021

UPC                                      683274012322

Electro-Harmonix Nano Metal Muff Distortion With Noise Gate