Danelectro’s comprehensive Cool Cat range of effects pedals is now augmented by the addition of three 'V2' pedal upgrades, the CO-2 Cool Cat Overdrive, the CTO-2 Transparent Overdrive and the CF-2 Fuzz. The new models have many added features and are eagerly anticipated by pedalheads given the amazing range of sounds already available from the Cool Cat pedal range

Danelectro Cool Cat Drive v2 Guitar Effects Pedal

  • The Drive control responds like a valve amp would, where low end/mids also increase with gain, saturating and fattening the overdrive. Brightening the Tone keeps the treble harmonics happening though. Good interaction between the controls - knock back the Drive, keep the Volume up and the sound cleans up to a driving rhythm crunch that?s good and solid, nice crunching chords.

    • Tone thickening
    • Warm Saturation
    • True bypass
    • Metal case
    • Metal jacks
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