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In-ear monitoring has distinct advantages over traditional stage monitoring: Each performer can be provided with an isolated monitor mix without the noise-pollution encountered from using loudspeakers. The performer is free to move around without needing to worry about stepping out of their "monitor zone". The IEM16 allows you to upgrade your system to incorporate in-ear monitoring without bursting your budget. 16 UHF channels can be selected from allowing you to dodge interference from your wireless microphone systems and outside sources. Any number of receivers can be fed from a single transmitter, meaning the system is infinitely expandable. The transmitter module even incorporates a wired headphone output so the engineer can monitor what the performers are hearing.

The IEM16 includes one stereo transmitter module, one stereo receiver beltpack and professional in-ear headphones. 19" rack ears are included and fixtures for the BNC antenna to be rack mounted for better reception.

Chord IEM16 In Ear Monitor System

SKU: 171892
    • Carrier frequencies 863.1 - 864.9MHz (16 channels)
    • Frequency stability 0.005% PLL
    • RF output power 30mW
    • Bandwidth 24MHz
    • S/N ratio >105dB
    • THD <0.4% @ 1kHz
    • Frequency response : +-3dB40Hz - 16kHz
    • Max. range 50m
    • Power supply : transmitter 12-18Vdc, 300mA (adaptor included)
    • Settings : transmitter Group (1), channel, lock, power, mono/stereo
    • Controls : transmitter Power, set, up/down, input level, phones volume, pad
    • Dimensions : transmitter 44 x 210 x 175mm
    • Connections: Transmitter DC in, antenna (BNC), combo input L + R, phones out
    • Weight : transmitter 1.05g
    • Power supply : beltpack receiver 3Vdc (2 x AA batteries supplied)
    • Controls : beltpack receiver On / volume, esc, up/down, set
    • Settings : beltpack receiver Balance, group (1), channel, lock
    • Connections: Beltpack receiver 3.5mm stereo jack
    • Dimensions : beltpack receiver 110 x 65 x 25mm
    • Weight : beltpack receiver 98g (no battery)
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