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The Carlsbro Sherwood 20R Acoustic Combo Amplifier was specifically designed with a range of different small-space uses in mind. This small unit is the perfect choice for a solo artists, small venues, practicing and many other applications. Equipped with an 20 watts, active/passive input, XLR mic input, parametric EQ and global reverb it is a great combo amplifier. Its vintage-style appearance gives it a traditional look, and the standard carry-handle makes it easy to transport. A great little amp for any guitarist and a great price.

Carlsbro Sherwood 20r Acoustic Amplifier

SKU: sherwood20r
  • Perfect for Solo Artists

    The Carlsbro Sherwood 20R is the perfect little amp for the solo artist. Equipped with a 20 watt output and dedicated instrument and mic channels it is a great amp for the soloists. Featuring a 4-band EQ section, global reverb and individual controls for the instrument and mic channels, the Sherwood 20R is a versatile little amp.

    As well as providing the perfect tool for sound, its appearance gives off a vintage appeal. Featuring a textured front and brown casing, it provides a retro look that any guitarist will love. The general structure of this amplifier features an angled tiltback cabinet to provide the ultimate volume projection whilst performing. 


    Carlsbro is a UK-based supplier of musical instrument amplification and speaker systems, originally founded by Stuart and Sheila Mercer in Nottingham, England in 1960. Their equipment has been used by artists such as The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Oasis and Vašek Martíne, and delivers great quality products. The original Sherwood Acoustic Guitar Combo was one of the very first guitar amplifiers to enter the market and for over 30 years used throughout the world by the most highly respected acoustic guitar players. Today the ‘Sherwood’ once again leads the way with their warmth and clarity. 


    • 20 Watts Acoustic Guitar/Microphone amplifier 
    • TRS Guitar input (with Active/Passive toggle) 
    • XLR Mic input with individual volume control 
    • Full Tone stack 
    • Vintage Appearance 
    • Parametric EQ 
    • Angled Cabinet provides optimum volume for live performances 
    • Global Reverb control 
    • TRS Mp3 input and TRS Headphones output


    • Technology: Solid State 
    • Channels: Two (Guitar and Microphone) 
    • Power: 20 Watts/4ohms 
    • Inputs: 6.3mm TRS Guitar, XLR Microphone, 6.3mm TRS Mp3/Line In 
    • Outputs: 6.3mm Headphone 
    • Controls: Guitar Volume, Microphone Volume, Reverb 
    • EQ: Bass, Middle, Middle Sweep, Treble 
    • Effects: Reverb 
    • Speaker: 1 x 6.5" Bass/Tweeter dual 
    • Impedance: 4ohms 
    • Weight: 9kg 
    • Dimensions: 29.5 x 37 x 25 cm
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