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Channels for microphone, electric guitar and acoustic guitar

Channel 1 has an XLR/jack combi input for use with microphones or line level instruments. Channel 2 is for guitar, either electric with clean and overdrive, or a specially-voiced acoustic setting. Each channel has its own separate EQ and reverb controls.

Bluetooth streaming connectivity

SUPER FLY has an easy to pair Bluetooth device for playing along to music or backing tracks and the SUPER FLY’s two 3" full range speakers deliver 12 Watts of power in stereo.

Audio projection

When you’re using SUPER FLY on the street the handy built-in tilt-back stand ensures your playing is heard.

Battery powered

For ultimate portability SUPER FLY runs on 8 x AA batteries, or use the optional PB-1 Powerbank rechargeable battery pack that discretely attaches to the back of the unit and gives up to 9 hours of playing time

MP3/Line in

SUPER FLY has an MP3/Line in for jamming along, listening to music or adding a line level instrument to the mix.


The Blackstar designed studio quality stereo Reverb has separate level controls for each channel.

Blackstar Super Fly 12watt combo amplifier

SKU: superfly
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